Saturday, July 02, 2011

Energy Drink Review: Jolt Blue Bolt

Hello friends,

I have been meaning to blog more. The SGJ has a question to answer, I've been planning another presidential post, etc. But let's talk about the truth, people: I am lazy. I'm also kind of busy. I am teaching an online class and trying to avoid having a nervous breakdown by doing things like dropping the class I was going to take this term and now I have to pay back my federal loans from this summer because I no longer qualify and blahblahblah whatever.

Anyway, today I'm reading, grading, and responding to some discussion board posts by my illustrious students, motivation for which required some outside help. So I ventured out in the 95 degree heat with like 2635786% humidity to the Rite Aid and bought the cheapest energy drink I could find: a Jolt. There were a number of flavors, and I chose blue. I will let you know how it goes.

Tragically, Jolt no longer uses the battery-shaped cans, but I do appreciate that they have a tie-in with Breaking Bad which is awesome and also about meth. Coincidentally, Isaac and I finally got season 3 disc 1 from Netflix today and we are going to watch the shit out of it this weekend.

Flavor: It tastes blue, I'll tell you that! Like a blue raspberry candy or something. Not bad. As I make my way through the can, I must say the flavor holds up even as the can heats up some. There is really no chemical aftertaste, so it could be a good choice for those who don't usually like energy drinks but like things that taste like candy.

Efficacy: I'm not feeling any overwhelming surge of energy, but between the Blue Bolt and a family size bag of Doritos, I'm on a bit of a roll with my work. I also find I have many things to say in response to my students that are more "but what about this?" than "oh my god you have totally misread everything"--which is really encouraging!

There was never a spike in my energy, but I felt a small uptick in general alertness, and it tasted good all the way through. If you've got a low caffeine tolerance and/or preference for less chemical-tasting beverages, the Jolt Blue Bolt's a good (and affordable at under $2) choice.

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