Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year, blahblahblah

You guys, it's 2012 now. When I was a little Mormon girl I totally thought that the Second Coming would happen before I ever got this old. I'm pretty pleased about still being alive and not believing in that silly stuff anymore. This year, I am going to commit to following my dreams. My dreams involve continuing to drink lots of champagne and possibly moving away from this godforsaken place and also trying to do a lot of writing (non-academic) and continuing to be really attractive. BTWs, I'm technically brunette right now. Sorry to let you all down.

I have experienced the Great Laptop Failure of 2011, so a few secret creative projects are on indefinite hold while I pay way too much money to fix that shit. I have class on Monday nights this coming semester, so though I did watch the premiere of The Bachelor starring my TV boyfriend (besides Adam Scott) Ben F., I don't know if I'll be able to live-blog regularly. I did take notes on the first episode and plan on totally typing them up on this here old-timey laptop in the office of our house soon. So look forward to that, 2 people who care. Whatever. 2012 and stuff.


  1. In my head I read that first "You guys..." in a very Galynn voice.

  2. The world is almost always better with champagne.. good luck with the lappy.

  3. You used to be a Mormon girl? And you're not anymore? Me too! I was Mormon for 30 years, and now I'm not. It makes life a lot more fun/interesting/exciting/worth living, doesn't it?