Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mormons have let me down again

1. LDS clipart = <3 and 2. This is basically what I looked like not getting baptized for Anne Frank a bunch of times.
Apparently the LDS Church has proxy-baptized Anne Frank, like, ten times. I was baptized for dozens of dead people in the several years I was old enough and still Mormon enough to participate in the these temple baptisms, but never anybody famous. Never ANNE FRANK. Goddammit, people. I wasn't making sure to wear white underwear and not having my period and putting on the polyester baptismal jumpsuit and getting dunked underwater like ten times in a row by the bishop in a warm font resting on the backs of twelve oxen statues if none of the names they said weren't going to be celebrity ladies. Oh, they're supposed to be a church member's "ancestors." Whatever. I feel cheated.

Later-time update: This is totally (unsurprisingly) fucked up.

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