Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day: Hey, remember when I used to write awesome presidential posts?

From Iotacons by Andy Rash. Love.
Guys, today is President's Day. However, my university clearly hates both Washington and Lincoln and most especially Chester A. Arthur, so I do not have the day off. However, I do have pages of notes on a couple of presidents still floating around, awaiting my attention during another bout of procrastination, so I do mean to finish up my posts about all of them in the near future. In the meantime, I thought I'd gather them all up for your browsing pleasure so you can remember all that awesome stuff I used to write before grad school broke my soul (and some I've written in the midst of the breaking process):

0. The Articles of Confederation: America's first, failed government and pre-Washington presidency (7.10.08)
1. George Washington: Father of Functional Drug Addiction as Well as His Country (8.15.09)
2 and 3. Jefferson and Adams: America's First Frenemies? (4.24.08)
4. UPDATE: James Madison: Jefferson II, Basically (10.16.12)
5. James Monroe: College drop-out with impressive resume (3.11.09)
6. John Quincy Adams: More accomplished than George W. Bush, less successful? (10.9.09)
7. Andrew Jackson: Old Dick-ery, if you know what I mean (7.19.09)
8. Martin Van Buren: He had a lot more nicknames than terms of office (4.17.08)
9. William Henry Harrison: He didn't die of hypothermia, people (5.26.10)
10. The ascendancy of John Tyler: Possible unconstitutional coup! (11.6.08)
11. James K. Polk: America's first (and greatest) mulleted president (3.27.08)
12. Zachary Taylor: Army guy, probably not assassinated (6.17.10)
13. Millard Fillmore: Lucky(?) President Number 13 (7.19.10)
14. Drunk Franklin "Baby" Pierce, helping sectional divides right along (11.20.08)
15. James "Doughface" Buchanan: Crappy president (7.24.08)
16. Do you know him, the Abraham Lincoln? (2.12.09)
17. Andrew Johnson: Impeachably lame (5.16.09)
18. Ulysses S. Grant: America's Greekest General-President (6.12.08)
19. Rutherford B. Hayes: Uncontroversial man elected controversially (1.8.09)
      Special presidential double feature: I go to the Hayes Presidential Center
20. James A. Garfield Extravaganza Part 1 and Part 2 (06.2009)
21. Chester A. Arthur: Possibly Secretly Canadian-Born President of Civil Service Reform (09.25.08)
22 and 24. Grover Cleveland: That mustache is hiding more than a tumor! (7.28.11)
23. Benjamin Harrison: Kinda like Jenna Bush (5.22.08)
25. McKinley: America's most spineless veteran president (9.18.08)
26. Teddy Roosevelt: America's Most Cartoonish President to Date (4.3.08)
27. "Big Lub" Taft: "Presidency? Meh." (3.26.09)
28. Woodrow Wilson: I think I might've dated that guy in college (4.24.10)
29. Warren G. Harding: Tragically being stripped of his "Worst President Ever" title by the current administration (4.10.08)
      Warren G. Harding: Kind of unimpressive house, in all honesty (8.24.09)
30. Calvin Coolidge: Coolly avoiding blame for the Great Depression (6.26.08)
31. Herbert Hoover: Not actually a fake name (9.16.09)
32. FDR: You think you know, and you probably do know some of it (10.9.08)
34. DDE: Looks like a Roman numeral, but is actually a U.S. president! (3.5.09)
35. JFK: Sickly, and not in the sweet way (1.23.09)
36. Landslide Lyndon Johnson: Fraudiest president ever? (5.1.10)
37. Richard Nixon: I think we all know too much already (9.29.11)
38. Gerald Ford: Unelected jock president (5.8.08)
39. Jimmy Carter will beat us all to peanut heaven (5.17.11)
40. Ronald Reagan was a fat child (11.10.09)
41. Read my lips: No second term for you, buster. (George H. W. Bush) (10.23.08)
42. Clinton research IN PROCESS
44. I refuse to write an Obama post while he is still in office. I can't wait to write up a Future President Romney post, though!

Enjoy my friends, this long journey will end one day and I will write up VPs or states or something (didn't I start that once?). Or I'll just keep live-blogging Lifetime movies. Either way.

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