Friday, March 30, 2012

Diet madness and anxiety

Hey friends! Remember our buddy the I Love America Diet? I finally edited some old footage for your delightful consumption. Brock and Cynthia and I made "ham and cheese crescent pinwheels" and were drunk and also there are silly America's Next Top Model-themed songs:

As mentioned in the headline, I am an unfortunate ball of anxious energy these days. This translates into procrastination, frustration over procrastination, and occasional emotional breakdowns that require watching all six parts of the BBC (AKA Firthy Version) Pride and Prejudice miniseries in one sitting. But besides hating everything right now, ladies and gents, I has another funny friend! My buddy Rebekah (whom you may remember from her appearances in the french-toasted tuna sandwiches videos) is blogging about apartment living, household decor, pop culture references, nerdiness, and being generally amusing at The Apartment Dweller's Survival Guide. Go look at the pretty pretties and love it. I will try to churn out something creative soon if this last semester of taking classes and teaching doesn't COMPLETELY destroy my soul. Or I'll just work on the giant jigsaw puzzle on the floor some more (under 1500 pieces is a waste of time in my opinion).


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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! My blog has helped me not be as depressed about being poor and marginally employed. Wheeeeeeee! Let's look at the pretty pretties!

    Also, in re: to the video, I hope Cynthia knows that I would like to start using "We're goin' haaaaam, y'all!" as my new general-purpose catchphrase.