Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pluggers is less horrible than I remember

Is it all the vodka and Crystal Light in my system, or has the last month of Pluggers been awful in a less noteworthy way than usual? I mean, granted, I just went through all of the daily panels in one go while looking for jobs postings (OH MY GOD WILL YOU BE MY BOSS MONEY PLEASE I AM STUPIDLY LEAVING GRAD SCHOOL FOR SOME REASON). But luckily I did find a few to mock:

Unless you are the closeted gay boy who reads Teen People, wears make-up, and once borrowed my cheerleading uniform for a "costume" in junior high, if your name is "Earl," you are DEFINITELY a Plugger.

Should I even bother to write a joke about Pluggers and prescription drugs? Probably not.

Two things: this is how normal people arrange social interactions, not just so-called "Plugger kids," and also, "skateball" is not a thing. I refuse to even Google it because Pluggers CANNOT drive me to such a thing.

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