Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pathetic Pluggers (also, a brief discussion of the old "fish in a barrel" idiom)

Oh hey, Pluggers is still ridiculous. It's possible my buddy Ka$h is the only person who is amused by me making fun of this terrible comic (I hope she's still amused... Tell me you're still amused!), but I can't help myself, it's so eeeaaasy. Fish, barrel, etc. Although if you really shot at fish in a barrel, then you'd have a barrel full of bullet holes and the water would drain out and the fish would air-drown pretty quickly and you wouldn't even need to shoot them anymore. Also, fish are gross. Also, why the hell do you have a barrel? What are you, a cooper?!
Pluggers never need to leave their armchairs, what with their drugs and snacks and  lubricants close by. Haha, I made you think about Pluggers masturbating! In a less disgusting vein (also ew?), I like how this chicken lady plugger is just staring at the back of this crossword book as if she's trying to figure out what the hell it is. Either that or she's trying to decide how many months of puzzle books to subscribe to.*
Pluggers take a lot of drugs. Drugs cost a lot of money, especially the illegal ones the chicken lady is going to stock up on now that her legit prescriptions are way cheaper.

 Haha, the economy is terrible and old people are poor!
 Pluggers have a hard time comprehending complex facts of life like "the passage of time."
Pluggers can't bend over! Probably because they are so high on prescription drugs, that if they try to, they will just fall over and hurt themselves. Or they are just lazy.

*Full disclosure: I have been known to subscribe to Penny Dell word puzzle books. It's way more cost effective than buying them one at a time from the store!

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