Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An uninvited guest

Oh hey look! My BFF Sr. Depressington is in town!

Sr. Depressington makes life complicated.
I knoooow, it is so uninteresting to read about how depressed I am, six or seven loyal readers and random curious internet citizens who accidentally came here because Captain Awkward (kindly) keeps linking to that one post by the Sexy Gay Jesus.* I check my analytics page people, I know who you are! Or at least which cities you live in and/or what you googled to find me. But anyway, here's some things that tend to make me at least momentarily less depressed and/or anxious, so you should be friends with them too:

-This is the best thing on the internet. It's drunk and bitchy and silly. It's like me, but law student-y. (#whatshouldwecallme)

-Watch this show. Now. All of it. Laugh, cry, repeat. Speed through the episodes because you want to see what happens and then mourn when it is all over. Then find out which movies Netflix has that feature Yoo Gong (far too few). (Coffee Prince)

-Order this motherfucking book of awesome history/literature comics nerdery. I added it (among other things) to fill out an Amazon order for free shipping that I SWEAR started as a necessary academic purchase. If you are not already subscribing to Kate Beaton's comic blog, you are basically the worst at life. (Hark! A Vagrant)

*The SGJ is just about recovered from His recent re-birthday celebration, so I imagine if you need some advice, he'd be up for answering your important life questions or whatever. Email me. Totally.

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