Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Energy Drink Review: Carabao Energy Drink

Totally not a Red Bull rip-off!
Another weird foreign energy drink, you guys! This one's from Thailand. The can features an attractive bovine skull. It appears to actually contain caffeine, so that's an improvement over the last one, I'd say. So let's try Carabao(-dang), which was apparently designed/formulated/whatever by famous Thai folk(/rock?) singer Aed Carabao. OMG, the red bird represents "freedom" and also apparently Carabao has a "movement" or something and the drink site says lots of awesome passive aggressive shit about other energy drink brands just trying to be hip and trendy instead of useful. But not Carabao, this is the drink of "hardworking people" from Sweden to the Maldives (SRSLY). Energy drinks are incredibly popular in Thailand--actually the home of the original Red Bull, Krating Daeng--and have been since long before the craze hit the U.S., so I have high expectations.*

FLAVOR: It's red and it tastes pretty red. On further sips, I'd say it has more of a classic citrus-y energy drink flavor. But I do like it. Nothing crazy-original but tasty for those of us who actually like the flavor of Red Bull and the like.

If this drink makes me feel anything
like this guy, I think we all win. 
EFFECTIVENESS: I waited until I started feeling a bit sluggish before opening the can, and I do think I'm feeling a little something. The small can can't sustain me, but perhaps it will help me gain the "empowerment to accomplish personal goals." Today those personal goals involve editing a cover letter and mailing my Minnesota voter registration form in.

No lie: I am kind of sad I can't access YouTube on my work computer, because otherwise I would totally be rocking out to Carabao right now (assuming the people in the lobby went somewhere else). I am sure his music is majestic, if his appearance tells us anything.

Anyway, I feel alert and successfully finished my stuff so I could mail it off on my break! Everybody wins. I've got a Diet Coke to help me get through the rest of the afternoon, but I would say the Carabao is worth trying, especially if you like your massive doses of caffeine in serving sizes actually recommended for one person.

RECOMMENDED. Also recommended: Google image-searching Aed Carabao. You'll never be sorry.

*My expectations are not actually that high; I mean, it has a buffalo skull on it and probably cost a dollar.

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