Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Energy Drink Review: neuroPASSION

I've still got several complimentary Neuro bevs in my fridge from M80, so it's high time I got around to reviewing the rest of them. I chose the PASSION drink because it has caffeine, basically. I went out for trivia with my buddy Matty (who hasn't seen The Wire yet) and we won (again) and also there was a Long Island in there somewhere and cajoling Isaac to drive us to a second location for karaoke and anyway, I'm not quite at the top of my game, but apparently in better shape than Matty is today. But so anyway, I'm going to drink this drink to help me "ignite my passion," which I suppose for the next few hours is answering phones for Christ and trying to make myself do article revisions that were due a while ago. Let's dive in!

FLAVOR: It's fruity! I don't know which fruits it's supposed to taste like, but there's a bit of a berry tinge to it, I'd say. I mean, it's red. Apparently the drink combines caffeine with something called "L-citrulline," something that occurs naturally in watermelons. Does this drink taste like watermelon? Not really. After a little while, the flavor gets a bit sickly sweet. Not terrible, but I'm not looking forward to taking subsequent sips. It's lightly carbonated, but doesn't taste chemical-y the way many energy drinks do.

EFFECTIVENESS: I'm about half an hour and 2/3 of the way into it, and I do feel more alert, but nothing crazy so far. I've finished the drink now, and it was fine. I do feel a little more awake, but no crazy high or anything. If you're looking for a moderate energy boost, this may be the way to go.

Not UN-recommended. It's fine. It least it's not called "GASM" anymore.

Neuro giveaway contest winners to be announced soon! If you, say, entered through the comments, please email me through my profile so I can get in touch with you about prizes/consolation crayon pictures.


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  2. Clearly Google is targeting my readers really well.