Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Today's most important stories

Elizabeth Warren (maybe possibly an Indian so let's be racist about it but also accuse her of lying about it) is so fucking adorable. In addition to be being smart and awesome and badass, obvs. (Wonkette)

Isaac and I recently watched a show about the dude who stole Einstein's brain and kept it in a jar in his house (or car) for decades. But did you know that the alleged penis of Napoleon Bonaparte has most recently been stored in a suitcase under a bed in New Jersey? Shenanigans! (Wonders & Marvels, where I plan to spend much time reading this afternoon)

In a very important report, Pixie analyzes the fashion of ladies in board games. WTF was with there only being, like, four ladies in all of Guess Who? (Rookie)

In other news, I had a bit of an emotional breakdown after work yesterday, but cuddle therapy and some of my new favorite cartoon, Adventure Time helped me bounce back some. My crushing anxiety about my doctoral comprehensive/preliminary exams which start tomorrow left me with only 2-3 hours of sleep, so I'm doing awesome is what I am saying. HAHAHAHA not really, but I'm glad I brought back-up caffeine today. Also terrible: navigating this country's private health care industry. But the epic tale of the Grand Health Insurance Fiasco of 2012 is for another day, my friends. Hopefully once I am sure I actually have coverage and don't have to explain to the lady at the Walgreen's that yes, I understand my Prozac is expensive without insurance and yes, I am trying to get some. It was only, like more than half of a week's paycheck for a 90-day supply. Thank the Sexy Gay Jesus for generics.

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