Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life Updates: Slightly Less Depressed Edition

You guys were like, "What is Lauren up to?" I will tell you.

1. I wrote myself a note on the back of my left hand, which is where I put all the important stuff, but it is messy and I can't read it. Oh wait, I figured it out! It says "revise." I thought it said "pevse" or something. I need to do revisions on an article. I'll let you know when that shit gets published in an academic journal. Because that is actually happening. But I have to do some final revisions. Thanks for reminding me, left hand! (This is also on my to-do list, but I'm more likely to look at my hand since it's, like, on me and stuff.)

2. I've been un poquito busy preparing for an audition this weekend because apparently I do that sort of thing now. I have been filled with disappointment that I cannot perform my "Love Song for Prozac" as part of this audition because I can't find the one notebook from five years ago that I'm pretty sure the lyrics and chords are written in and I never put that one at YouTube. Curses, past self! Now I don't remember how it goes!

3. I just made a Google Drive document titled "rape jokes," so I should probably try stand-up again and I will fit right in! Don't worry, they're very classy.

4. I started an improv class.* It is fun.

5. I have actually been doing dissertation research. If this keeps up, maybe I won't have to go back to therapy to talk about how much I hate myself for not working on my dissertation and then sing my anxieties out loud to the tune of "Happy Birthday."

6. ^This is increasingly how I feel about my job.^ It may be beginning to show. I am the best receptionist ever.

*Taking a class, not teaching one. I should make that clear that I am not (yet) an improv expert.

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