Friday, April 19, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Vuka Think

This is purple.
At the fancy Kowalski's Market, I picked up yet another new energy drink. WILL THEY EVER STOP MAKING NEW ONES? Probably not, America. Probably not. This Vuka "intelligent energy" claims it will give me "energy to replenish mental alertness during the marathon of a busy day." Did you have to say "marathon," Vuka? TOO SOON. Anyway, I grabbed the "Think" variety for mah brainz. Apparently "vuka" is Zulu for "wake up." HOW DIVERSE!

FLAVOR: The flavor is supposed to be pomegranate and lychee (AKA fancy white people fruits). Tart fruitiness, lightly carbonated. Not great, not bad. It is decidedly OKAY in flavor.

EFFECTIVENESS: I had to get up early today (like, before 10 a.m. EW), so I'm pretty tired. It does seem to be helping some, but not a huge boost. Probs because it's missing taurine and has something called "grape seed extract" in it instead. Whatever that is. It's supposed to "stimulate," not merely caffeinate me. This is not especially effective for caffeineheads like me who enjoy the taste of chemicals.

OVERALL: Not that good. That's what I get for grabbing some healthy crap out of the cooler.

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  1. I wonder what would be the taste of the lychee energy drink. I never had before.