Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Oh yeah, I still have this blog. I've been pretty busy not getting a real job or making any progress on putting together a dissertation committee, and also breaking my glasses in half and then breaking my bank account and my credit card to buy new ones, so sorry I haven't been around to amuse you. I think we can all agree that though my life is kind of overwhelmed by important milestones and worthwhile activities right now, Pluggers  is still a beautiful, terrible, easy, easy target.

I don't think I get it. Are her baby and giant baby bag supposed to be "balanced"? Because the bag looks heavier. Or are they talking about how "balanced" it is for ladies to work a shift at work and then come home to the domestic "second shift"? Either way, hilarious! (?)

To give these guys the benefit of the doubt, you have to remember the massive amounts of glue they've huffed together over the years. #BFF #YOLO #AerosolCansFTW

I don't think there are that many jobs (anymore) where people don't call you by your first name. I mean, at least your coworkers do, right? Also, if dead-end service industry jobs full of overly-familiar and entitled asshole customers make you a Plugger, then I suppose all of America are Pluggers now.

Hahaha, Pluggers live paycheck-to-paycheck!

I am a fucking Plugger. Dammit, this was supposed to be fun, not depressing.

Mustache wax?! Look at this fucking hipster.

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