Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Monster Extra Strength Anti-Gravity

This experience is nothing like actually doing nitrous. Or SO I'VE HEARD.
Guys, you know what I've always said? I mean, besides "You guys" before everything I write. I've always said, "My energy drinks have too few chemicals/gimmicks." Now, our friends at Monster have a line of so-called extra strength beverages "injected" with "nitrous technology." I believe that is how senior year of college could be described also. (BAM! Joke sold.) I've had the "Black Ice" flavor before and it is remarkably similar to my latest drink jam, the Absolutely Zero. But I saw that there was a new(?) extra strength in an orange can and decided that for America, I should pick it up and review. This is also for science. And freedom. The Anti-Gravity comes in a 12-ounce can, so without bothering to look up actual numbers, I'd guess it's "extra strength" because it's got the same amount of the "energy blend" chemicals as a regular 16-ouncer. JUST A GUESS.

FLAVOR: It's got a definite citrus thing happening. It's relatively smooth, also. But kind of an odd flavor. Not gross, not great.

EFFECTIVENESS: I've had about 75% of it now, and it is working. I'll let you know if anything changes. Now I've finished it. It gave me a good boost, for sure. I actually am not that into the smaller size can because it makes it harder to stretch out the consumption time, though 4 more ounces of that flavor might've started to get icky.

OVERALL: Perfectly adequate. Do what you want, what're you asking me for, anyway?

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