Friday, September 20, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Rockstar Energy Water TROPICAL CITRUS

This drink is inoffensive.

Yeah, I know I reviewed Rockstar Energy Water, but this time I've got a YELLOW FLAVOR. Also, I had to be at work at 7:45 this morning (instead of the normal 12:30 p.m.), so I've got some serious yawns going.

FLAVOR: Tropical citrus! It's not a particularly strong flavor, just kind of citrus-y. I will reserve my judgement on the drink's tropicality for now, but it basically just tastes like citrus water stuff.

EFFECTIVENESS: Twenty minutes and about a third of the way through the 20 ounces, I'm definitely feeling perkier. An adorable mayor from Ireland and his entourage came through my lobby and entertained me briefly, but this caffeine situation is way more effective. Oh no, it's been an hour and I'm flagging again. Better drink the last five or six ounces real fast!

OVERALL: This drink was perfectly adequate, especially for the a.m. hours what with its non-carbonation and subtle flavor, but I'm glad I brought Monster reinforcements for the afternoon.


  1. I am continually astounded by your ability to extend the time of consumption beyond five minutes. I consume energy drinks instantly. I think they are to be seen as single dosages. A pot of coffee can be dragged out over 4-8 hours. Small containers of sugar and chemicals go directly to the tummy.

  2. If I just wanted to down the caffeine and get it over with, I'd do energy shots, but I don't like those because they make me peak and crash too quickly. Also, most of these drinks are 16-20 ounces, which is a lot (for me) to drink super-fast. Stretching out the high is pretty important when your job is literally to just sit at a desk for hours and hours and hours.