Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Energy Drink Review: Victory Energize Zero

Not content to try the not-very-tasty Victory Energize yesterday, I'll now be giving the Victory "Zero" a chance. While I doubt anything will ever top the delicious magic that is my beloved Monster Absolutely Zero, we'll see if this guy can give it a run for its money. Literally, because I'm pretty sure the only thing this brand has going for it is that it costs 99 cents.

FLAVOR: It's definitely better than whatever "lemon-lime" nonsense the classic Victory is going for. It's smoother, though not as smooth as Monster. Still an edge of cough syrupiness. Though I must say that the flavor improves/perhaps I have just become inured to it over time. WHATEVER.

EFFECTIVENESS: It's doing its job. I don't have any more horror movie live-blogs to finish editing, so maybe it's time for some more VICE PRESIDENTIAL BLOGGIN. Or crosswordin. Or whatever.

OVERALL: Better than the green can kind. Adequate! Tuesday!

BTWs, I'll take your questions for a new blog feature:

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