Tuesday, December 09, 2014


The terrible one-panel comic Pluggers is the greatest proof that there is no god. Here are some recent examples why.


Is this racist? Sexist? Ageist? I'm not sure, but it seems offensive. Driving a stick shift is not hard, so I don't know why car thieves AS A CLASS wouldn't be able to. I think the real reason he leaves his keys in the car is that no one would ever fucking want to steal that piece of shit pickup that is at least 60 years old and running on fumes and the blood of small children.

Pluggers last had sex during the Carter era, if drunkenly groping each other until they fall asleep counts as "sex" or "getting lucky."

 Pluggers don't understand the passage of time or how quickly pop culture moves.

Pluggers run sketchy, illegal, off-the-books businesses, which makes perfect sense considering their massive drug problems.

Pluggers are stubborn cheapskates who are also bad at repairing small kitchen appliances. TRUE STORY: I bought a used toaster for my ex-boyfriend for Christmas approximately 11 years ago for probably $5 at the Goodwill (he was less than enthused about this gift because he didn't want to "collect things" in his dorm room in some pretentious Marxist kind of way) that I ended up taking and still have to this day and it works fine, but I would buy a new one now if it ever died. End of story.

Pluggers: still, like, what?

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