Thursday, June 04, 2015

Energy Drink Review: Amp Energy Zero Watermelon

Okay, pretty good, haven't tried it yet, okay.
According to the coolers at the giant Circle K by my new job, Amp has a bunch of new flavors. I've tried the passionfruit (not bad) and the strawberry limeade (pretty good, actually) and am now trying the Amp Zero, which is watermelon-flavored. I've opened it already and it smells like watermelon candy, which is a thing that I like, so hooray! Let's give this a go:

FLAVOR: Hm. Very watermelony, but not overwhelmingly so. It reminds me of some watermelon-flavored gum or something. Not, like, actual watermelons. A little more than halfway through, the flavor is still okay, but maybe there's a reason why you don't see a lot of watermelon beverages, it's kind of odd in large quantities.

EFFECTIVENESS: I wasn't too exhausted this afternoon, despite having to be somewhere at 8:00 a.m. every day this week which is my worst goddamn nightmare, basically. But my legs are getting shakier and I feel slightly motivated, so that's positive. I have a comedy-related meeting after work which I am not looking forward to, because being in an office for 9 hours a day and then driving in moderate traffic is apparently too much for me to handle. BUT hopefully this will keep me from actually falling asleep as soon as I walk away from the reception desk, which would be good what with the driving and speaking to other humans I need to do. I'd say I feel a noticeable but not crazy-intense boost in energy.

OVERALL: It's fine! If you like watermelon-flavored stuff, definitely check it out. Otherwise, it's nothing special.

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  1. I tried an AMP Watermelon today. It was horrendous! Gadzooks what a vile flavor, I drank about 1/3rd of the witches brew and poured the rest down the drain. AWFUL!