Monday, June 01, 2015

Energy Drink Review: Gazzu

I've got a new temp job starting next week, and near the new place's location there is a very large convenience store that stocks "Gazzu" energy drinks. I thought the cans looked kind of familiar and assumed I'd reviewed them before, but bought a couple just in case. Turns out I haven't! I've got two flavors in my fridge, but I'll start with the original flave.

FLAVOR: It tastes like... I don't know? Just a vague energy/citrus flavor. It tastes like a generic energy drink, but it's not super-strong. It's FINE.

EFFECTIVENESS: This is especially important. My head is all fuzzy after getting a bunch of sleep, apparently. I'm having a small PARTY here tomorrow night and have not dusted or vacuumed in many a week (month?). So maybe I can get some cleaning done so I don't embarrass myself in front of my improv bros by having a gross house. Halfway through the can, I'm feeling more alert and considering getting off this couch to do stuff.

OVERALL: Not bad! It was effective and had an adequately okay taste! I cleaned my house and everything! I did try the mango Gazzu later, and it was not a tasty fake mango. So be careful with your cheap energy drinks, kids.

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