Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Linkin' some shit

Sometimes the tubes send me presents. Sometimes these presents involve smart people blogging about the same things that I blog about (more smartly than me, obvs): -I read this sweet post by Shark-fu on that "colorblindness" nonsense I discussed in yesterday's edition of "Shut up, Joe Soucheray." Choice quote: "I know that people think that saying they don’t see color is an enlightened statement, but it strikes me as bullshit." Pretty much. What I hear you saying is.... (Shakesville/AngryBlackBitch) -More directly related to the fist-bump: Melissa McEwan reports on hilarious "terrorist fist jab" claims. Kudos* on finding a way to use Sacha Baron Cohen in a post. Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude Watch Part Forty-Goddamn-Eight. (Shakesville) -Anna McM tackles the whole "WTF is fat now a moral issue?" issue that I touched on last week, especially in reference to the conflicting messages expressed by talk show moguls/role models like Tyra and Oprah. But seriously, watching TV during the day can be a serious punch in the jaw** as far as realizing how much media/advertising/capitalism is tied up in the construction and reinforcement of gender stereotypes. One commercial break during a soap opera or talk show is enough to lower my self-esteem like 3.2 notches. At least. Good things come to those who weight watch. (The Hand Mirror) -A nice review and analysis of one of my recent favorite movies, Teeth, by Matthew Leavitt. Teeth // Is your vagina protected? (Gender Relations at Waving Hand) And some stuff you should read because it'll make you smarter: -Of course, now I'm going to have to add Nixonland to the pile o' stuff I need to read. The book's author, Rick Perlstein, discusses some of his key research: letters to a liberal Democratic Senator from Illinois from angry Chicago-area constituents about local violence over civil rights issues. The conservative backlash of the 1966 election is starkly spelled out in these voters' writings. The Meaning of Box 722. (Blog at Campaign for America's Future) -Especially now with rising rates of self-harm among soldiers trying to avoid having to go back to Iraq, I was particularly interested in the reports that 20% of U.S. military personnel are on anti-depressants (not to mention rising suicide rates). God knows I'm a huge proponent of the happy-making drugs, but it is kind of unsettling to think that they're being used to keep people who are struggling with depression and other mental health issues in combat. Not only is that sketchy in and of itself, but the fact remains that everyone reacts differently to different drugs, and without proper follow-up (which it sounds like military doctors aren't equipped to do in this setting), you don't really know what the effects will be on the people taking them. The whole thing just makes me sad(der). Um, war: not really good for anyone involved. America's Medicated Army. (D.W. Pine at TIME) *I started typing "mad props," but I thought it might come off like I was Joe Soucheray, trying to use the kids' "street language." **I don't care if this isn't a regular metaphor people use; I'm using it.


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