Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drunk Ghost Hunting and other business

Guys, remember when I posted that hilarious drunk ghost-hunting teaser video? I finally finished editing the actual "ghost-hunting" parts of the footage, so here it be:

Also, you have a few more days to enter my Neuro giveaway contest! Do you or someone you know need to calm the fuck down and/or get the fuck off the couch? Get yerself a free case of neuroBLISS or neuroSONIC courtesy of M80. Email me your reasons why you should get it. Or don't even include reasons, just tell me you want them, and you just might win because no one else is entering. I'll color you a picture just for entering! Do it now, otherwise Scout (kitty), Lola (doggy), and their lovely owner Elissa will win them ALL and you will be SOL:
You even don't want to see how vicious she gets on caffeine, bro.
Clearly, this one's the frontrunner so far.

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