Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Neuro Drink Giveaway Contest!

I've already starting "lighting it up," folks.
Friends, what with me having an ad on my page now and whatnot, I think it is clear I've hit the blogging big time. Further evidence as that a real-life representative from M80, a legitimate-appearing marketing firm (!), contacted me about participating in a Neuro beverage campaign because of my clear qualifications as an internet beverage expert. M80 sent me a case of Neuro products for me to try (for free!) and review, and have offered you, dear readers, the opportunity to win cases of neuroSONIC and neuroBLISS beverages (one of each available).

Instead of neuroSPORT, I got two neuroSONICs. Let's be honest about how much more useful that is for my lifestyle. Adorable owl cookie jar not included.
If you follow the blog, you'll know I positively reviewed neuroSONIC a while back. In fact, I just drank one of my complimentary ones this afternoon. It was both delicious and effective. Here, watch this ad video I said I would post here:

I can't say that I feel like I am experiencing a SONIC-themed rave right now, but you should probably enter my contest (details below) so you can drink a whole case of it and see what happens!

M80 also asked me to participate in their neuroBLISS campaign. The BLISS drink is supposed to calm you down, which I will admit sounds like a product this anxious lady might find useful. Also, I want to wear a white leotard and blond bob wig and serenely dance around with my lady friends like this:

My review of the BLISS drink is forthcoming, but I wanted to be sure to post the giveaway info for both in the same post. UPDATE: That review is here.


So: if you are interested in having a box of neuroSONIC (energy) or neuroBLISS (chill out) sent to you by M80, you must submit to me your reasons why you deserve them by Friday, August 31*. It could be a short written explanation, a poem, a song, a short video, a silly gif or drawing, but you've really got to prove to me that you need a bunch of calming and/or energizing beverages. I will totally objectively choose the best entries and have M80 send you your winnings. You can email me (through my Blogger profile) your submissions. I expect your best work, people! Amuse me (or make me feel sorry for you, whichever you think is more convincing) and be sure to specify whether you are entering for the SONIC or the BLISS prize. GET AT IT!

UPDATE: Winning submissions will also be featured on this here blog (if you're okay with that).

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*See how I put the deadline in bold like I would for due dates in an undergraduate syllabus?


  1. OH, I just read the rules. NeuroSONIC would probably make me feel like Sonic the Hedgehog, something I have aspired to be since I was a small child. Running around, collecting rings, fighting evil dudes and turning them back into cute forest critters. I feel like with NeuroSONIC I would achieve this goal. I'm also thirsty ALL THE TIME.

  2. Blythe, how do I get in touch with you?