Monday, October 29, 2012

Energy Drink Review: Max Velocity Cherry Limeade

Oh hey guys, I'm trying another Max Velocity flavor and finally getting around to fooling around with Codeacademy. I'm on the basic HTML lessons, which are pretty straightforward because a) it's easy and b) I've already figured a lot of the basics out from messing around with the code on this here blog. But I'm kind of enjoying it? But it could be the Max Velocity Cherry Limeade flavor, what with its taurine and B vitamins making me cheerful.
It's the red one.
FLAVOR: I have to say that if I had to choose between which of the "natural" flavors this drink claims to be, it's more cherry than lime. However, there is also tinge of citrus to it, so basically it just tastes like all the cheap energy drinks ever. Which is fine! But not as exotic as the flavor makes it sound.

EFFECTIVENESS: I've had about 38% of the drink so far, and I can already feel it. It's making me feel like a super-basic coding cheetah (MSPaint image possibly forthcoming, let's so how I feel here in a bit). Turns out I'm too lazy, but the energy boost was a-OK and whatnot. I've lost interest in writing anymore about this now.


Here, go take this charming and silly Halloween quiz from Kate Beaton. You're welcome.

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