Friday, March 29, 2013

On Marriage Equality

Years ago, one of the last times I agreed to go to church with my parents and actually stayed past the main Sacrament Meeting, I ended up in a Relief Society (ladies') meeting praising marriage and traditional gender roles and blahblahblah. The lesson and discussion flirted with the topic of gay marriage, and I told myself that if that’s where the conversation actually ended up going, I would get up and leave. I suppose luckily, it didn't. Later that day, my mom and sister and I were talking about the lesson. My mom asked if I was in favor of gay marriage and I said, “Of course.” I was greatly heartened that my sister, a student at BYU and faithful church member at the time, said that there was really no constitutional basis for denying marriage equality.

A few years after that, a gay woman married me to my husband. I don’t know if she wants to get married, but if she did want to, she couldn’t do it in the state she lives, the state she is legally allowed to marry heterosexual couples in, or the state my husband and I currently live in. This is clearly bullshit. Isaac and I made a commitment to one another, legally bound by the authority of our dear friend, who should with no reservations have the same right (/rite). Here in its entirety, recently dug up from the camera of another friend, is our amazing, perfect, so us wedding ceremony:

It could've been gayer, but at least we played Lady Gaga at both the reception and the drunken afterparty, right? BTWs, this message is approved by both me and the Sexy Gay Jesus because LOVE.

UPDATE: I be-YouTubed the video so everybody could love it and share it.

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