Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Energy Drink Review: Monster Ultra Sunrise

Monster keeps changing its cans so I think they're releasing new products. There's a new orange one on the market called "Ultra Sunrise" in one of the textured "ultra" cans (a line of flavors that have ultra-underwhelmed me) claiming to be some sort of morning drink. I don't know, maybe it'll basically be like the Monster version of Mountain Dew Kickstart. I will give it a try. I will mention that it is actually sunSET here, as it is nearly 5:00 p.m., but we all know I don't sleep at night anyway and there's no way I'm getting any writing done if I don't have caffeine. Let's do this!

FLAVOR: Hmm. It legit tastes like orange fruit was involved in the making of this beverage. It's carbonated and obvs loaded with chemicals, but the flavor somehow comes off closer to orange juice than orange soda (which is what the Kickstart tastes like, in a good way). Not bad. The drink continues to be tasty.

EFFECTIVENESS: Yeah, it's working. I moved my computer into the office and got out the ten pages of dissertation proposal I've written and went through with a purple pen. Next step: open the word document. Legs shaking extra much. I'm listening to music and doing a tiny bit of work, which is saying a lot since I've spent the past three months intentionally unemployed so I could write a total of ten pages. LET'S CELEBRATE SMALL VICTORIES.

OVERALL: I haven't finished it yet, but it tastes pretty good and is working. Different enough from the other orange Monsters to be worth a try.

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